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At TEDxYouth@Manchester, genetics researcher Dan Davis introduces the audience to compatibility genes — key players in our immune system’s functioning, and the reason why it’s so difficult to transplant organs from person to person: one’s compatibility genes must match another’s for a transplant to take.

To learn more about these fascinating genes, watch the whole talk here»

(Images from Davis’s talk, Drew Berry’s animations, and the TED-Ed lessons A needle in countless haystacks: Finding habitable worlds - Ariel Anbar and How we conquered the deadly smallpox virus - Simona Zompi)

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Now appearing in a field near you, wonderful Waxcaps! These colourful chaps are Scarlet Waxcaps (Hygrocybe coccinea) and were found in a field near the local church.
Waxcaps are among the most beautiful mushrooms found here in Wales, a fantastic splash of Autumn colour. The vivid colours of Waxcaps may, to many, shout out danger! However, many species of Waxcaps are entirely edible and can be used to brighten up otherwise dull dishes.
A great excuse to get out into your local fields and go hunting, don’t forget your camera.

Waging the spore on Christmas over here. Mycete month continues. 🍄

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That awkward moment when you realize the only reason you’re familiar with a show/movie/book is because you’ve seen copious homoerotic fanfic on Tumblr.

Perhaps I should have clarified that I don’t actually read this crap. It’s just everywhere on Tumblr. And yes I am going back and reading my own blog, thanks for asking.

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